10 Video Game Heroes Who Could Easily Be Villains


A good hero can make or break the game in which they are the focal point. For players to take control of a flat or poorly derived character would remove some of the charm from the experience of gaming itself, and so we – as players – should feel truly grateful that there are so many interesting protagonists to take care of.

But some of these characters have had their personalities so complexly crafted that they could serve a great purpose as more than just the stereotypical hero role. I mean, who’s to say some of our favourite gaming heroes wouldn’t also make intriguing villains?


Maybe your mind is filling with such ideas already but, in case you’re struggling to consider how your favourite heroes might work on the opposite side of the spectrum, we’ve put together a list of ten characters we think would make great gaming villains.

Prepare to see your favourite heroes like you may never have seen them before!