10 Video Game Heroes Who Could Easily Be Villains

9) Ezio Auditore


As the most charismatic member of the creed of assassins to date, Ezio will certainly be many gamers’ favourite. His story, however, is essentially the same as that of the other assassins in the series, and so realistically, this next point could apply to any one of them.

The Templars, the major “antagonists” of the Assassin’s Creed series, are in fact based on a far more noble order than the games would have you believe. During the Crusades, the order of the Knights Templar was conceived to halt the growth of crime that saw many pilgrims slaughtered as they went in search of Holy lands around Jerusalem.

Surely the Templars would make a far more heroic faction in the series, with the sly, skulking assassins doing everything they can to undermine the noble order? And why choose Ezio to stand as villain-in-chief over the others? Well, everyone likes a charming villain, don’t they?!