Dead Space 2’s 10 Most Horrifying Moments

Any time a video game is touted as “scary” or “terrifying,” the Internet will inevitably fill up with macho players trashing it and talking about how they’ve been more scared by all the weights they’ve been lifting instead. The classification of what makes a game fall into the survival-horror genre then ensues, exposing the purists (“If you have more than two bullets and don’t spend most of the game solving puzzles, it ain’t scary!”) and the progressives (“Sure, you’re mowing down enemies with an infinite rocket launcher, but they have, like, three eyes! Scary, bro.”)

Many of these arguments flooded forums everywhere when Dead Space 2 was released. The original was a fantastically terrifying experience, presenting players a brand new IP that didn’t suck. Even though most of the Internet derided the series for being predictable and lacking of scares, that’s not what I’m here to do. I would rather discuss the moments that made me scared to pick my controller back up because of the smothering tension. Since describing how scared I was of a video game I played voluntarily exposes my lack of self-confidence, I’ll use pictures to show my approximate reaction instead.

So, with that in mind, read on to check out the ten most terrifying moments from Dead Space 2, which we look back on to celebrate the launch of Dead Space 3.

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