2064: Read Only Memories Indefinitely Delayed For PS4 And Vita


Over the last few years, both the PlayStation 4 and Vita have seen their indie catalog grow quite substantially, and frequent discounts and free games through PlayStation Plus helped introduce us to a whole new world of games, outside the AAA titles that tend to dominate headlines. A few of We Got This Covered’s staff writers were looking forward to 2064: Read Only Memoriesa cyberpunk adventure game heavily inspired by Snatcher, Gabriel Knight, Rise of the Dragon and other adventure games from the 1990s.

An enhanced remake of Read Only Memories (which released last year), 2064: Read Only Memories takes place in Neo-San Francisco during the year 2064 A.D. You play as a struggling journalist whose life is interrupted by the arrival of a ROM (Relationship and Organizational Manager) named Turing. Not long after, the two of you become embroiled into a missing person case, which has more beneath the surface than originally thought.

2064: Read Only Memories had a few new additions compared to the original release. Aside from the inclusion of voice acting, reworded dialogue, new animations and characters and additional puzzles were all set to be included, along with the Endless Christmas epilogue.

Unfortunately, the developers of 2064, Midboss, have announced via Twitter that the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Vita versions have been delayed indefinitely. As detailed further, a few technical issues cropped up during the last steps of porting the game, and due to a lack of funding at the moment, the port has been put on hold.

Thankfully, Midboss seems dedicated to releasing the game at some point or another, even if it may take some time. For now,those who can’t wait any longer can check out the original release of Read Only Memories, which is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, along with Ouya, Razer Forge, and even Amazon’s Fire TV.