Is This The 3DS’ Second Control Stick Add-On?

Last month, rumors swirled about an add-on being produced for the 3DS that adds a second control stick to existing 3DS models. Thanks to a leaked picture floating around the internet, we may know what it actually looks like.

The picture allegedly comes from the new issue of Japan gaming magazine Famitsu. A feature article highlights what is being called the “3DS Expansion Slide Pad.” The add-on is a cradle that adds just a bit of thickness to the handheld itself, and actually blocks the game slot, which means you’d have to disassemble this thing in order to switch games. Not to mention the fact that this probably doesn’t fit into the charging dock your 3DS came with.

The report also alleges that the cradle adds an extra pair of shoulder buttons.

Um….look, we can all see that this…..thing…..isn’t as easy on the eyes as we’ve come to expect from a company like Nintendo. What I’m trying to wrap my head around is how it’ll work transferring the right thumb from circle pad to the face buttons on the fly. Not only that, it looks like it’ll make the handheld feel horribly weighted.

What say you, gamers? Do you have a better idea of where the second stick should go?