3DS Firmware Update Adds Video Recording, New StreetPass Game

Good news 3DS owners! We’re getting some pretty neat features when a new 3DS firmware update hits sometime before the end of eventually!

There’s two big features to the update. The first is a 3D video recording feature. The feature is fairly self-explanatory, but it’ll be interesting to see how it works, and if the videos can be easily shared.

The second is the inclusion of a new StreetPass game in addition to the already existing puzzle piece collecting game Puzzle Swap and extremely casual RPG Find Mii. This was confirmed through a tweet from Nintendo‘s Daan Koopman.

We don’t have any real details other than that, but it’s safe to assume we’ll learn more when Nintendo holds another 3DS conference in Japan tomorrow.

The update was initially rumored to hit November 4, but that was later debunked by the aforementioned tweet from Daan Koopman.

Presumably, we’ll also finally learn about that annoying-looking 3DS Slide Pad.

What say you, gamers? My StreetPass games have been beaten since I went to E3, so I’ll be glad to get a whole new game.

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