The New 3DS’ Packaging Is Awesomely Colorful



AGHH, my eyes! What is that, a three-dimensional supernova of Japanese gaming awesomeness?? Alas, it’s the packaging for the New 3DS! In case you didn’t know, Nintendo’s new 3DS is actually called “New 3DS,” and is releasing in Japan on October 11th. No date has been announced for the west just yet, but it seems fair to assume we’ll eventually have access.

Regardless, the packaging for the New 3DS is quite the marvel, and advertises one of the system’s big selling points: faceplates. Nintendo handhelds haven’t had faceplates since the Game Boy Micro was a thing, and if you thought those sold like hotcakes (the effect was lessened by the GBA’s impending retirement), wait until these colorful plastic slates go on sale just partway through the 3DS’s overall life cycle. It’s going to be plateageddon. Kids will be fighting over these in the streets.

Nintendo revealed its New 3DS line just days ago at PAX Prime 2014. You can check out the trailer below if you missed the announcement somehow.

In addition to an enhanced 3D screen, boosted RAM, and boosted CPU power, the New 3DS systems are equipped with NFC, which affords them compatibility with Nintendo’s upcoming Amiibo line of Skylanders-esque toys.

Between faceplates and Amiibo, holiday shopping for parents is going to be the ultimate mad rush. I suggest avoiding Toys R Us at all costs — it’s for your own safety.

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