The 5 Best Video Game Characters Of 2016 So Far

Tensay – Far Cry Primal


Far Cry Primal, Ubisoft’s spinoff of the fabulous action franchise, puts players in the heart of a prehistoric land known as Oros. As protagonist Takkar, gamers must harness their talent to tame dangerous alpha predators to help their tribe rise to the top of the food chain.

Enter Tensay, the spiritual center of the land of Oros and Takkar’s guide to primal dominance. While there are a few interesting characters in Far Cry Primal, none prove to be as interesting or integral to the development of your beast abilities as the eccentric shaman.


The most entertaining part of the game is learning to become a Beast Master, and it’s through Tensay’s guidance and the disgusting hallucinogenic concoctions he offers that you will find your way. After each visually stimulating vision quest, you’ll be one step closer to sending owls out to dive bomb your enemies, or sabre-tooth tigers to stalk your prey.

Your tribe’s spiritual leader will gift you with these abilities, and will shed light on the mystical energies lurking just out of sight in the physical world. He’s like a bizarre, cannibalistic Obi-Wan Kenobi, if the old Jedi master had a passion for wearing wolf pelts and taking powerful drugs.

Brought to life by Far Cry Primal’s fantastic graphical engine, and given a soul through the beautifully realized, proto-European dialect created by Ubisoft, Tensay is one of the best aspects of a solid and varied game. You’ll look forward to your time with the odd caveman more than any other. Once you’ve developed a taste for human eyeballs, of course.