5 Unpopular Questions That E3 Left Us With


With E3 2015 now officially finished, the dust is starting to settle on the myriad of exciting announcements that the world’s gaming developers unleashed upon the eager audiences. While gamers everywhere will no doubt still be anxiously awaiting further information on the brand new titles and features that were unveiled at the conference, we thought that the time was right to take a more critical eye toward some of the less impressive elements.

E3 2015 was a roaring success for the vast majority, however, a few developers and games may not stand up so strongly once the real scrutiny begins. We’ve pored back over three days’ worth of conferences and press releases to decide which of the announcements left a little too much to be desired. Whether it be a game that didn’t quite match the high standards of a particular developer or its audiences, or even a feature that completely failed to hit its mark, we’ve got the damning reports right here.

Read on for five unkind and unpopular questions that we were left with after E3 2015. Apologies in advance if your favourite game or console gets spoiled after this, but don’t say we didn’t warn ya!