5 WTF Moments From The Final Fantasy Series

Honey_Bee_In_Top_Left_Room final fantasy

Final Fantasy is one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time and has been hugely influential within the industry, inspiring an entire generation of role-playing games across a wide range of consoles. Despite its popularity though, the series has always divided fans. For every player who dresses up as a moogle in their parents’ basement indoors, there’s another who balks at the turn-based gameplay and bizarre anime-inspired characters.

Whether you love Final Fantasy or not though, it’s hard to deny that the series has had its fair share of hilarious WTF moments over its twenty-seven years. Some of these could be attributed to cultural differences between the East and the West, but that excuse only takes us so far. Some of the more extreme moments in the franchise seem like they would be considered freaky to even the Japanese gamers that Final Fantasy is primarily aimed at.

With the release of Final Fantasy XV on the horizon, now is a good time to look back at the franchise as a whole and celebrate the wackiest, most bizarre WTF moments that the developers have ever devised. There were plenty to choose from, but the following moments in particular remained in our minds the most long after we were done playing the games.