505 Games’ FPS Rekoil Nails Release Date For Steam & Xbox Live


505 Games, the publisher behind titles such as Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Payday 2, have announced the release date of first-person shooter Rekoil, which will launch across Steam and Xbox Live on January 28th and 29th, respectively. The class-based shooter, which will be titled Rekoil: Liberator for Xbox 360, has been priced at $14.99 for both platforms.

From the get-go, Rekoil: Liberator will feature 10 distinct maps set across the game’s post-apocalyptic setting within which players can choose from an arsenal of 40 weapons. Not only that, developer Plastic Piranha have also confirmed that the skill-based shooter will allow for 24 players to engage in pure, online mayhem.

The class-based shooter, which has been fine-tuned for eSports and the age of in-game streaming, has also forgone the likes of killstreaks and vehicles, opting for a pure multiplayer experience in the vein of Valve’s Counter-Strike. Additionally, we understand that the PC iteration of the title will incorporate various mod tools to encourage user interaction.

On the topic of the PC version, Steam is currently running a special promotion for the game, which knocks 30% off the price tag to an alluring $10.49 (£8.39). What do you think, though? Does the unmitigated multiplayer of Rekoil sound appealing to you? Let us know below.