6 Iconic Locations We’d Love To Visit In Star Wars Battlefront II


As with any revered, absurdly popular multimedia franchise, any addition to its universe, official or otherwise, is inevitably going to be met with a certain level of criticism. It is, after all, impossible to please absolutely everyone, but in the case of Star Wars, any third party that attempts to put its own spin on George Lucas’ sci-fi epic has multiple generations of fans to satisfy – an already difficult task only compounded by the additional pressure of living up to the Battlefront name.

In retrospect, I find myself surprised, more than anything, that EA and DICE managed to build a faithful reboot of the series that fell short, not on its authenticity and faithfulness to the source material, but rather, the noticeable lack of content and a haphazard approach to monetization.

Yes, Star Wars Battlefront absolutely deserves the criticism received for the bare-bones state in which it launched, as well as the premium price point of its subsequent DLC, but in regards to what was on the disc from day one, I certainly can’t fault its quality. Thankfully, it appears as if EA has taken such complaints to heart, having so far made an effort to stress that Star Wars Battlefront II will contain considerably more content than its predecessor, as well as making subsequent DLC completely free.

That being the case, it’s only fair to assume that Battlefront II will boast the availability of more maps from day one, with more to come in the months following. With EA and DICE seemingly content to keep such details close to its chest until launch, though, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to cherry-pick the best of the best locations that Star Wars has to offer. The Assault on Theed was a good start, so let’s keep the bar high by including these gems….

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