6 Video Game Bosses That Are Freaky As Hell


There was a time when video game bosses were pretty straightforward. Since they usually came in the form of a spider or a helicopter, you knew you what you were getting with boss fights in the first few generations of gaming (think Nintendo and Super Nintendo Era).

But times have changed, and with the changing times, bosses have changed, too. Where once your family could be in the room, watching you fight a boss and not toss a second glance at the screen, now we have naked woman who puke babies out of their nipples and naked men who wear the skin of a pig and carry a chainsaw.

I am a sick fuck, though, so I tend to enjoy these boss fights. They make me feel dirty and confused, like how I used to feel after “special time”  at church with Father Michael as a kid. Ok, not really. I was just kidding about that.

But I digress. Without further ado, here are six video game bosses that are freaky as hell.