6 Video Game Moments That Make You Feel Like A True Badass


Warning: Please note that this article contains spoilers.

A big allure of gaming is the idea of escaping just how mundane and repetitive life can be. We often long to step outside of that and experience a life more exciting and visceral than our own. Video games give us that. They put us in the space armor or give us massive guns and armies of bad guys to slaughter with them. The reality is, video games make you feel kind of badass, and that’s awesome.

While it is nice that the medium gives us that feeling in general, there are specific moments in specific games that are catered to that exact feeling: Badassery. These are moments that the developers want you walking away from feeling gratified, with your chest high and adrenaline pumping, aware that you just did something awesome.

Video game moments that make us feel like a badass may be different for everyone, as they are quite subjective. Maybe you beat a water level JUST before you ran out of oxygen. Maybe you downed a boss that had been giving you hell. The moments tend to change among gamers, but there are some that are universal.

Before I continue any further, let me just say that I know you’re all going to ask me why beating “so and so” from Dark Souls isn’t on this list. The reality is, I understand the sense of accomplishment that many get from that game. I’m just not masochistic enough to put myself through it. Sorry.

Anyways, without further ado, here are 6 video game moments that make you feel like a true badass.