7 Next-Gen Games We Desperately Want To See At E3 2014


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It comes around quick, doesn’t it? Seems like only yesterday that Microsoft were announcing the terribly exciting Killer Instinct and now we’re already bored of it. They also announced they’d move both Heaven and Earth to stop you playing used games, you filthy cheapskate. And look how that turned out. Sony’s Jack Tretton joyfully trolled them for it at the time, though, much to the delight of a whooping, Jerry Springer crowd. And then Nintendo probably revealed some stuff, too, but who really cares about that?

So here’s why this year’s E3 will be the best one ever: Tretton recently stepped down as Sony president, Microsoft revoked all its DRM policies, and Nintendo need to prove the the Wii U is still relevant. In short, the dust has settled and all three are now more or less on the same next-gen playing field. So, all that’s left to do at this year’s E3 is simply reveal a whole bunch of awesome, exclusive videogames.

‘Exclusive’ being the key. 2014 will probably forever be known as the battle of the expensive licenses, and with so much for the teams to play for, they absolutely have to be incredible. So that’s exciting. Ubisoft will probably kick our teeth in with some multi-platform goodness as well, so it’s all adding up to something very special.

However, I will immediately preface this by saying “no, Half Life 3 is not on this list.” But not, of course, because we don’t desperately want to see it, it’s just that here at We Got This Covered towers, we operate within the realms of the remotely plausible. Casting Michael Cera as Wolverine? That’s plausible. Activision announcing they’ll give all future proceeds from Call of Duty sales to EA’s cafeteria staff? Plausible. Elvis Presley himself descending from the heavens in order to spread the message ‘Hamburgers are healthy’? Still more plausible than Valve coughing up the world’s most wanted game. They’re not even exhibiting at E3, so don’t go thinking that they’ll finally surprise you, either.

That said, here’s what we want to actually get our hands on.

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