7 Things We Want To See In Halo 5: Guardians

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“Xbox One allows us to do things we’ve never done before.” These are the words of Bonnie Ross – general manager of current Halo-making people 343 Industries – and they’re blindingly obvious. Of course advanced technology will let you do more advanced stuff, but just what that stuff is is likely to be a mystery for quite a while yet. We can safely assume it means the game will have a brand new engine, and subsequently look divine, but who cares about that? Okay, fine… everyone. But Halo 5: Guardians is still going to need a whole bunch more to keep the franchise interesting.

Now, we’re obviously jumping the gun a little bit – Halo 5 isn’t even out until next year. In fact, it seems ludicrous that the Xbox One dared to launch without a Halo title when you think about it, but at least we’ve got Kinect Sports Rivals to keep us going in the meantime. That meantime also includes a 99% chance of appearance at this year’s E3, but before those cold, hard details start to trickle through, we present to you a list of the things that we think the game absolutely needs to have.

Before that though, let’s quickly tell you what it doesn’t need to have: a TV miniseries leading up to it. Quite why anyone would care about this is a mystery to me – if you’re a fan of Halo, you just want to play it, if you’re not a fan, why on Earth would you want to watch a program about it? It’s madness, is what it is. But viewer or not, Speilberg’s production attachment seems to spell big things for the game itself.

So, with that in mind, let’s start laying our space-desires on the table and see if it doesn’t live up to them come 2015.

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  1. A51says:

    They need to fix Halo 4’s horrible excuse of forge first and foremost. Forgeworld and Forge 2.0 in Halo: Reach was perfect. Halo 4 added too many new features that were underdeveloped, then somehow broke the features that actually worked.
    However, I do agree that Multiplayer needs to go back to the ways of Reach or Halo 3. Those games had the best Multiplayer of any Game I had purchased for the Xbox 360.
    And lastly, return to the Classic Halo gameplay. Reach took a gamble with armor abilities and it paid off. Halo 4 removed a lot of armor abilites, like bubble sheild, armor lock, evade. And replaced them with arguably useless counterparts. They should either bring back the old armor abilities or remove them all together and stick to the classic run and gun that was ever present in Halo’s CE through ODST. When Halo 4 revealed sprint was an innate ability, it made sense logic wise, but felt too much like CoD at that point, its different when Sprinting is an ability and not an extra running mode.

    1. Ciarán Uttingsays:

      is Halo 4 your favourite game ever y or n

  2. BlackMasamunesays:

    Did you really need a page for each topic?

  3. Jacob Psays:


  4. D vicesays:

    I don’t see what people dislike about the new armor abilities or tac-packs and support upgrades (they are not called perks no matter how much you like to think COD is the only game allowed to have such a thing)

    people used to complain about noobs camping power weapons and never seemed to care that everyone KNEW what other players were capable of. if you don’t think fighting over prime tactical territory isnt better than fighting over power weapon spawns then I dont think you can be pleased with halo.

    do any of you really miss going in the sword room area on the Pit only to be almost certainly killed by the sword? or realizing you were too late getting to rocket hall by seeing a rocket in your face? i don’t miss any of that.

    the “perks” as they are not named and many people like to call them. make changes like not being able to know wether or not the enemy can reload as fast as you, so that you can’t have definitive knowledge about what a enemy will do next is GOOD. knowing enough about enemies by knowing they are the same as you requires FAR LESS SKILL.

    Halo shouldn’t be all about one gun and how good you keep up your strafe skill. tactics should matter. Halo 4’s additions to player ability makes the game far more skillfull than makeing 4 shot BR kills and knowing where your enemy wants to go based on prior knowledge of when and easy to use gun will appear.

    I can’t believe some people even think sprint ruins Halo. what kind of pussy are you that you expect a dieing or outnumbered enemy to only have insufficient offense to save themselves? what do you expect? that wile you are one shot your going to miraculously shoot 3 people that show up and live? that your never going to miss your next 4 shots and they are going to miss ALL of theirs? get real. sometimes you just can’t fight every battle. especially against power weapons and vehicles. like why do i even need to explain that?

    people just don’t seem to want to learn any new skills in Halo and they wonder why it’s not as popular. because people never want to play it differently.

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