7 Ways That Nintendo Can Improve

nintendo no longer developing wii titles

It was all going so well for Nintendo. The Wii and the DS were almost literally printing money for the company, leaving both Microsoft and Sony’s efforts in the dust last generation. The transition into the future hasn’t been smooth for the Big N though, thanks to occasional nagging hardware issues with the 3DS and a lack of killer software for their new home console, the Wii U.

Meanwhile, both Sony and Microsoft have pulled ahead of Nintendo with their consoles for “real” gamers – leaving the company and its fans in a bit of a tough spot. The family-friendly design of the Wii is what made it such a strong seller, but it’s been hard to replicate that with the Wii U – a console that, to the mass market, probably sounds like a re-design or an expansion of sorts to the original Wii, rather than a brand new, high-definition console.

Thankfully, the 3DS has gone from strength to strength, offering hope for Nintendo’s console yet. No one wants to see Nintendo sink into the abyss, and undoubtedly greater minds than mine are working on plans to ensure company survival. Still, here are a few points that I think Nintendo should continue to work on in order to return to their former glory and bring the hardcore gamers back in.