9 Classic Video Games That Would Make For The Perfect Christmas Present


It’s not the festive season if you’re not racking up credit card debt on relatives you see twice a year, and if you’ve got games to buy, that means you’ll be stopping by Best Buy and Gamestop and dropping full whack on $60 titles that don’t warrant the asking price.

Enough, I say. This Christmas, skip the aisles of shining merchandise and go straight to the bargain bin instead. Why, you ask? Well, because you can actually find a heck of a lot of fantastic games in there. Here, we’ve compiled a list of titles that are all at least three years old, retail for less than $20 and stack up against the full-priced alternatives available today. In many cases, they’re actually better.

So, next time you head out for the dreaded Christmas shop, consider putting one of these golden oldies under the tree this year instead, and be sure to thank us later.