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A New Fighting Game With Only One Move Is Getting A Tournament And Fans Are Hyped

And no, it's not Divekick...

There’s no denying that Divekick was quite the sensation when it was first released. A fighting game with just two moves? It was the ultimate mind game as well as a huge meme, something the fighting game community couldn’t get enough of. Now a brand new game on Steam is taking this even further, creating a game inspired by Super Smash Bros. but where each character has only a single attack.

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NAIR released on Steam on September 14th and despite its extreme simplicity, still has incredible features like rollback netcode for crisp online play, near-universal controller support, and even a dark mode for those who have a hard time with bright screens.

Not only is the game already finding initial success, but it’s even getting a special tournament hosted for its release. Hosted by Super Smash Bros. Melee players Beacons | Violet and FVCN | Astrid, it will feature a small $20 prize pool which, to be fair, is over six times the cost of buying NAIR on Steam. Those interested to compete can sign up on Smash.gg and get more information on the tournament through its official Discord.

Of course, with such a goofy game came some amazing reactions from fighting games fans upon seeing the game was available to play and purchase.

NAIR is currently available to purchase on Steam and Itch.io.