A new Wordle-inspired game centered on video game soundtracks is here

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The arrival of Wordle clones continues as another version of the game has been created — Videogame Heardle, a new type of the Heardle game, which is a sound-based version of Wordle. 

For those who don’t know the rules of Heardle, your goal is to guess the song in under six attempts. When you start the game, you are given one second of the song’s intro. Whenever you make a wrong guess or skip a turn, extra few seconds will be added to your clue. Up to 16 seconds of a song will be given to the player to guess the correct answer.

What makes Videogame Heardle different from its predecessor is that it is focused only on video game soundtracks. Not only that but you are also given only a total of 9 seconds of the intro to guess the song rather than 16, which definitely makes this version tougher. As shared by the game’s creator, Twitter user @g0m, their game currently has 89 songs in its database and is still being updated.

So, if you consider yourself as someone more inclined to listen to video game soundtracks than songs that are on the Billboard charts, maybe this game is for you.

Since the game’s release, fans have started sharing their results on social media. Some are excited to show off their video game knowledge by recognizing familiar soundtracks.

Some are not happy with the difficulty level of the game and are finding the puzzles to easy to solve.

Wordle is a popular online puzzle game that was created by Josh Wardle. The game rose in popularity in early 2022 and was later bought by The New York Times for an “undisclosed price of seven figures.”

Since Wordle’s boom in popularity, multiple Wordle clones and inspired spin-offs have been released, each of them having different quirks and variations that make them unique.