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A video game based on classic slasher films is coming to haunt your dreams because life isn’t hard enough

From dating sims to slasher films

After the success of their 2017 title Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, GameGrumps has teamed up with Rogue Games once more as they announced a new psychological horror game. And to be completely honest, we all should have seen this coming.

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Homebody is a survival horror game inspired by classic slasher films and takes a different approach from Dream Daddy. The game’s official website says it follows a group of friends who are haunted by a killer and also have to deal with the memories of their past.

Homebody is a survival horror puzzle game about a group of friends haunted by memories of the past, and hunted by a relentless killer. Move on or die trying. From the minds at GameGrumps, developer of Dream Daddy: The Dad Dating Simulator, comes an entirely different experience inspired by classic slasher films.”

Game Grumps have been known to be horror fans as their previous title Dream Daddy has a non-canon secret cult ending titled ‘Escape From Margarita Zone’. According to the creators, they wanted to release the game with that ending but decided to cut it. But fans were able to locate the secret ending by looking through the game’s files and noticed how different it was from what the game’s about due to its horror theme. They eventually included it in the game and can only be opened when certain criteria have been met.

Game Grumps is an online gaming duo that formed in 2012 and consists of Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan. Their content is mostly Let’s Plays and Avidan has a successful music carer in his band Ninja Sex Party. Other than Dream Daddy, the duo released another title called Soviet Jump Game, which was developed with a different by a different game company.

Homebody will come out on Steam and the Epic Games Store at some point in the near future.