Ace Attorney 5 And HD Mobile Re-Releases Of Phoenix Wright 1-3 Announced

See that logo up there? Although I can’t read it, I can recognize the number five and the classic glint that comes with the Ace Attorney logo. Which makes sense, since Ace Attorney 5 was announced by Capcom at a 10th anniversary event for the franchise.

All we know is that the game exists. Capcom didn’t reveal a release date, starring characters, story, platforms, and most importantly, whether or not this game would see a release outside of Japan. Fans of the series may recall that Ace Attorney Investigations 2 has never been released outside of Japan due to an alleged lack of interest in other territories.

Capcom also revealed that HD re-releases of the first three games in the series, or the Phoenix Wright Trilogy, will all be coming to iOS devices soon. Which means if you’ve ever wanted to play Phoenix Wright on your iPad, you may not be waiting that much longer.

I seriously hope these come to the States. I’m still severely disappointed that we’re missing a game in the series over here. Maybe that will be fixed soon too.

What say you, gamers? Any objections?

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