Achievement List Pops Up For Deep Silver’s Biker Game, Ride To Hell

Xbox360Achievements has posted a full Xbox 360 achievement list for Deep Silver’s long-lost 1960s era biker game, Ride to Hell, which seems to suggest that the title is not anywhere near as lost as we once thought.

If you are having trouble recalling Deep Silver ever mentioning a biker game, that is probably because a lot has happened since the title was first announced way back in July 2008. At the time, the publisher was banking on Ride to Hell to put them “on the map in the US” when it launched as a multiplatform “next gen console” and PC title in the second quarter of 2009. After missing that 2009 release window, development on the title was rumored to have been canceled, which is the status the game held until earlier this year when Deep Silver confirmed to Polygon that they would have an announcement on Ride to Hell “soon”.

Assuming Ride to Hell‘s scope is the same as it was back in 2008, the game is set in the back-half of the 1960s, where players can experience the “Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘N Roll” that fueled both the biker movement, and hippie counterculture. The title’s original description reads:

“Action loaded from the very start with free roaming environments, players can immerse themselves in the liberty and freedom of riding full throttle with their gang on a multitude of different vehicles through the dusty flats of Western America. Protecting their turf, their brothers and their machines from rival gangs is just a taste of what this epic game will involve.”

“‘Ride to Hell’ is not for the faint hearted; it’s aimed heavily at the player who wants to become fully involved in the original West Coast biker culture. With its hard drinking, bare knuckle environment, this is as close to the action as you can get.”

The full list of Ride to Hell achievements certainly seem to indicate that (thankfully) not much about the game has changed. There are multiple achievements related to pulling off motorcycle-related stunts, defeating rival club “Devil’s Hand” enemies, unlocking bike parts, and selling “one of every drug type”.

With the list of achievements posted and the end of the last “next gen consoles” coming up later this year, it certainly looks like Deep Silver is on the verge of releasing Ride to Hell. We will keep our eyes open for any official word from the publisher and let you know as soon as anything is announced.