The Aftermath Of A Video Game Launch Party With Voltron

That Voltron guy, he can throw a helluva party. There’s hot chicks, video games, people in fancy costumes and even Seth Green showed up!

All of this was to commemorate the launch of the Voltron: Defender of the Universe game on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this week.

I have to admit, I’m just a little bit shocked that anyone, let alone THQ, is putting this much effort to celebrate the launch of a downloadable game, of all things. But hey, a party is a party!

For those who missed out on the fun, we’ve got a few shots of the party down below. A full archived video stream of the event can be viewed here in all its nerdy glory!

Also, a pair of Voltron boxers that have the words “Form Blazing Sword” written on them? I spit my drink out at my computer. I need those.