Agent 47 Returns In “Most Ambitious” Hitman Yet, Sony Snags Exclusive Beta


Looks like it’s time to dust off the red tie and silenced pistol once more. The third slot in Sony’s press conference lineup at E3 went to a new Hitman game. It’s been two and half years since Io Interactive released Hitman: Absolution, a stylish but divisive entry in the assassination-puzzle series, but the trailer for their next entry in the franchise bleeds confidence.

The signature look and variety of the Hitman games gets a CG showcase in the trailer, which features plenty of potential targets, a percussive electronic soundtrack, and no gameplay.

Details about the game itself are scarce, but Sony wanted the chance to make Agent 47’s introduction for a reason. Square Enix will be publishing the sequel, simply titled Hitman, on consoles and PC. But PS4 owners who pre-order will be getting exclusive access to a beta. Additionally, 6 contracts will be made available to PS4 players in the year after the game’s release.

The above trailer offers more info about 47’s jogging pace than the game’s release date, but it should raise the pulse of any Hitman fan.