Akuma and Taskmaster Join Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Roster

Here comes another two new fighters to Marvel vs Capcom 3, as Akuma and Taskmaster join the growing list of combatants. Akuma, the arch nemesis of Ryu, was recently rumoured to be one of the few characters left to be unveiled and it turns out the interwebs was right on this one. IGN posted the two reveal videos earlier today showing off the fighters’ impressive arsenal of attacks.

The equally impressive looking Taskmaster in the Marvel universe is able to mimic other characters moves and skills which is why in the introduction video he uses Spidey Swing and what looks like a cross between Captain America’s Charging Star and Stars and Stripes attack.

EuroGamer is reporting that when you finish the Arcade Mode you will earn roughly around 2000PP which is how much experience gamers will need to unlock Akuma, with Taskmaster coming in at 8000PP. Marvel vs Capcom 3 still has a few more characters up its sleeve before it releases with Galactus being a front runner in the rumour mill. Look out for our review of the fighter when the game releases on February the 15th in the US and the 18th in Europe.