New Alan Wake, Metal Gear Solid: Rising And BioWare Game To Be Revealed At VGAs

We could debate all day of the legitimacy of the Spike Video Game Awards, but everyone can agree that there’s typically game announcements and trailers of almost E3 caliber.Thanks to Geoff Keighley, we now know a little bit of what we can expect.

According to a tweet made by Keighley, viewers can expect new reveals and trailers for a downloadable Alan Wake game, the long anticipated and incredibly secretive Metal Gear Solid: Rising, and a yet-to-be-announced BioWare game, supposedly being made by a new studio.

For MGS: Rising specifically, Metal Gear Mastermind Hideo Kojima himself is scheduled to be on hand to reveal “the truth” behind Rising.

It’s important to note that there are supposed to be more reveals than this, but these are all the fans are getting so far. We’ll know everything when the VGAs air on Spike TV on December 10.

What say you, gamers? I’ve not played Alan Wake (yet), but I love me some BioWare and Metal Gear, so the show is turning out to be pretty exciting for me so far. What could BioWare‘s mystery game be? I want it to be a new Jade Empire, but it’ll probably be the inevitable Dragon Age 3. What do you think?