Alien: Isolation’s Survival-Centric DLC Trauma Lands Today, Adds Three New Maps


Just when you thought it was safe to go back into Sevastopol, The Creative Assembly has confirmed that the second DLC bundle for Alien: Isolation, Trauma, is available today for those on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, while the survival-based content pack is expected to arrive tomorrow for PlayStation platforms.

Much like its forebearer (Corporate Lockdown, which released at the tail-end of October), Trauma will introduce brave adventurers to three all-new maps within the game’s Survival Mode. Specifically, those areas will be titled Reoperation, Crawl Space and Overrun, wherein users will play as chief medical officer Dr. Lingard.

In tandem with the launch, The Creative Assembly released the following blurb for the add-on:

“Racked with guilt and feeling responsible for bringing the creature on board, she holds herself liable for the death and destruction that ravages the station as the Alien is unleashed. Wanting to ensure that her research on the creature can never fall into the wrong hands, Lingard sets out to destroy all the data and do as much as she can to help the remaining survivors.”

Those diehard score-chasers will be pleased to note that Trauma will contain its own dedicated leaderboards and bonus objectives, as players across the globe attempt to flit past the marauding Xenomorph in a timely fashion.

The Creative Assembly aren’t pulling any punches when it comes to supporting Alien: Isolation post-launch, as the studio has another trio of Survivor-centric add-ons planned from now until March — Safe Haven, Lost Contact and The Trigger, to be exact.