Alienation Is The Latest Twin-Stick Shooter From Resogun Dev Housemarque


Following up on the rather ambiguous Tweet from yesterday afternoon, Finnish developer Housemarque has revealed Alienation, an all-new IP that is set to be exclusive to PlayStation 4, during Sony’s conference at Gamescom, 2014.

Maintaining the sci-fi aesthetic of the studio’s previous digital-only release, Resogun, Alienation pits players against hordes of extra terrestrials from an overly familiar top-down perspective. Indeed, fans of the studio will instantly recognise the gameplay footage of this recently revealed title for it is extremely akin to Dead Nation — another twin-stick shooter that is all about survival.

That said, while the company’s zombie-infested release could only support two players, Alienation will allow for up to four players. From there, budding marines can either work as an individual rogue or, if you’re feeling particularly friendly, pair up with other soldiers in the war against the alien horde.

Considering that Housemarque has released critically-adorned titles such as Super Stardust HD along with the aforementioned Resogun and Dead Nation, Alienation is surely a shooter to keep an eye on. Plus, there are few studios in the industry that perfect intoxicating gameplay quite like the Finnish company. (So with that in mind, colour us intrigued.)

Not much is known regarding Alienation’s release date as of yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the details pertaining to Housemarque’s latest IP as they appear.