Animal Crossing Fans Lose It Over Professor Editing Themself Into The Game

animal crossing new horizons

We all wish we had that wacky professor in college. The one from movies that uses their brains and wits to wow their class into learning a lesson without even realizing it. 

Yesterday on Twitter, @hauntedolive posted pictures from their virtual class. Their professor, known only as Lucas, appeared to be broadcasting from Isabelle’s chair, where the shih tzu assistant to Tom Nook holds her morning announcements in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Lucas appears to have gone all out on the bit, apparently speaking in animalese while giving the listen in the games text box format.

We don’t know much about Lucas, but he seems like a nice guy! With no title and their use of a first name, it looks like they may be a grad student. Just what are they a professor of, though? @hauntedolive mentions that their professor is very skilled in robotics and has some experience creating AI. They also wear a lab coat to class every day, apparently

The post has surpassed 80,000 likes at the time of writing, and Lucas has garnered many fans in the process. This is just another one of those amazing moments where gamers on the internet come together to enjoy a wholesome moment through a shared interest.