Anna – Extended Edition Will Scare Xbox 360 Owners Next Week


Anna, the acclaimed PC horror game, will soon arrive on Xbox 360, Kalypso Media has announced. Updated, revamped and re-titled Anna – Extended Edition, the spook show will be released on September 23 through digital means.

Having never been much of a PC gamer, I admittedly know very little about Anna and its past. I will say, though, that it sounds like a very interesting and immersive experience, given its interesting storyline, scary setting and focus on mental horror.

Here are a couple of blurbs from a new press release, which describe the game and its Extended Edition to a tee:

Anna is a first-person horror adventure that explores the darkest depths of the human psyche. Set in an abandoned sawmill nestled high in the Italian mountains, Anna challenges the player to uncover horrific clues and use them to solve puzzles related to your character’s dark past. The player’s behavior does not only determine the mental health of the main character but can also change locations and unveil new secrets leading to one of three possible endings.

Anna – Extended Edition has been given an overhaul based on the feedback of the thousands of players of the original Anna. It features more environments, more hours of game play, more puzzles, additional gameplay features, enhanced graphics and an improved interface. Anna – Extended Edition is sure to please fans of psychological horror games such as Amnesia or Silent Hill and impress with the upgraded graphics and sound.

Have you played Anna, or Anna – Extended Edition on PC? If so, let us know your thoughts via our comments section.