Anno 2205 Will Get Two Expansions And New DLC In 2016


The futuristic, economy-building game Anno 2205, which came out earlier this month, will be allowing players to expand their civilizations even further into the reaches of Space with two new expansions, the first of which is on course for an early 2016 release.

The latest release in the long-running city-building series, Anno 2205, was the first to allow budding city planners the ability to establish settlements on the moon, mining it for all its resources and transporting them back to the two main locations on Earth: the Arctic and Temperate sectors.

The two expansions will both add additional sectors for you to juggle as you try to balance out your huge money-making empire. First up, coming in February 2016, is the Tundra expansion. According to the announcement on the official Ubisoft forums, you will take your company to the most “challenging sector project so far.” It will include new side missions, new building types with production chains, and a new command aircraft.

In the Tundra expansion, you will expand your corporation’s dominion with the new Tundra sector Vanha Plains. Make sure you enjoy all aspects of this new environment: roam the marshes, cross the fjords or observe the muskoxen. You won’t have to walk the wide plains on foot, of course: you can travel the new sector in style, using your new high-tech aircraft.

The Orbit expansion will let you go one step further beyond the moon, equipping you with your own space station, where you can have Scientists build powerful research modules to help boost all of your sectors. The release date for the Orbit expansion is yet to be announced.

Before all this, however, some free DLC is coming out in January 2016. The Wildwater Bay DLC will add another temperate session, enabling you to utilize more mountain and coastal building sites. Executive producer Burkhard Ratheiser has also said that “a new sector project will be available where you can solve the riddle of the abandoned underwater cities and meet ghosts from the past.”

Tell us, will you be checking out all this new content for Anno 2205? Let us know below.