Apex Legends Battle Pass Leak Confirms New Character Octane And Price


In case you hadn’t already heard, today is likely to be Apex Legends‘ biggest yet. If all the hearsay is to be believed, the first Battle Pass for Respawn’s fledgeling battle royale title is due to arrive within a matter of hours, inevitably bringing with it a wardrobes-worth of new cosmetics including character skins and weapon decals. The most anticipated addition, however, is a brand new character. Ever since Respawn outlined its post-release plans some weeks back, the general consensus has been that the launch of Apex Legends‘ first new character would coincide with a Battle Pass, suspicions that, in light of a slip-up on the developer’s end, seems all but confirmed.

As per Twitter user Shrugtal, the official page for Apex‘s Battle Pass briefly went live earlier today only to be pulled down moments later, but not before fans managed to grab images of the page in question, a screenshot of which you can find below.

Yes, that’s absolutely a picture of rumoured character Octane you can see to the right of the image, but it’s the text accompanying his visage that provides the juiciest new details. According to the blurb, Apex Legends‘ first Battle Pass will, in fact, include Octane, as well as new weapons and unique loot.

What’s more, the entire bundle will cost 950 Apex Coins. To err on the side of caution, it’s best (at least until Respawn puts the page back up) for all involved to assume that the price listed isn’t final and could be subject to change, but it’s a general ballpark figure that few are likely to take issue with (1,000 Apex Coins currently costs $9.99 USD).

Whatever the case, we can likely expect all of the above to be made official before the day is out. While we eagerly await its arrival, you can find all of the details pertaining to Apex Legends‘ first Battle Pass by heading through here.

Source: Twitter