Apex Legends Black Friday Sale Now Live, Adds New Character Skins And More

Apex Legends

Apex Legends fans on the lookout for a bargain this Black Friday can start their digital shopping early, it seems.

Rather than wait for high street retailers to kick off their discount frenzy on November 29th, Respawn has decided to start its own ahead of time by slashing prices on a variety of cosmetics in-game. Most of these limited-time deals are present in the form of Apex Packs and range from standard loot caches available via play to premium Legendary versions. The latter has a higher chance of paying out rare finishers and banners, as well as alternate Hero skins.

Speaking of which, the developer has taken the opportunity to release two brand new outfits, Laughing Fool and Dinomite, for Octane and Wattson, respectively. In what’s already proving to be a controversial decision with fans over on Reddit, however, neither of the new wardrobe additions are available at a discount – you’ll have to pay full price to obtain both.

Check them out below:

Apex Packs, on the other hand, have been reduced in price by up to 20% (taking into account the ‘bonus’ Packs included with each deal), meaning if you’re still on the hunt for precious Heirloom items, now’s as good a time as any to drop some cash.

As an interesting aside, players who are eager to get their hands on the wealth of new Gun Charm trinkets coming next week can stock up on Apex Packs early in anticipation. Those purchased during the Black Friday sale can be stashed away and left unopened until the update goes live and will have a chance of yielding the new items on release day.

Still weighing up your options? Apex Legends‘ Black Friday sale ends December 3rd, so you’ve got a solid seven days to decide either way.