Apex Legends’ Next Character Could Be Bangalore’s Brother

apex Legends

The content drought currently plaguing Apex Legends could soon be over, folks.

Respawn’s battle royale, which has quite publicly suffered from a steep drop in popularity, has struggled to give loyal fans incentive to log in on a daily basis. As of now, Season 1: Wild Frontier is still chugging along, though with the selection of rewards it offers generally considered weak at best, it’s likely only the hardcore crowd that will reach max rank and earn an admittedly snazzy weapon skin for their efforts.

For everyone else, the lack of new maps, features and modes has inevitably resulted in Kings Canyon losing its initial allure, though there’s one other much-requested feature that fans continue to cry out for. Since launch back in February, but one new hero, Octane, has been added to Apex‘s roster. As the saving grace for an otherwise lacklustre first season, the character has been met with overall praise for prompting a metagame shift, but that experimental period has long since settled.

However, with Season 2 inching ever closer to release, it appears that Respawn has finally decided to start teasing who’s next to join the fray.

As a means of fleshing out its existing cast, the developer recently dispatched a hefty chunk of lore for Anita Williams or, as most know her, Bangalore. The backstory details the supposed final moments of one Lieutenant Jackson Williams who, having fallen from an IMC Hestia ship in front of his sister’s eyes, is presumed dead. Interestingly, however, is Respawn’s open-ended rhetoric asking fans to decide for themselves if the report does in fact detail Jackson’s untimely demise or if another fate befell the soldier.

Ultimately, we’ll likely have to wait until Season 2 is unveiled to conclude whether Bangalore’s sibling truly is Apex Legends‘ next character, but even if he isn’t – there’s plenty of alternatives to speak of. Both Wattson and Titanfall 2‘s Blisk have repeatedly been held up as potential candidates. Hit the respective links for each to learn more and be sure to let us know in the comments below who you think is next in line to join the fight.