Apex Legends Makes Controversial Map Rotation Changes

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has been forced to make some hasty changes to Apex Legends following fan backlash.

Introduced last week alongside the battle royale’s latest town takeover event, two versions of Kings Canyon (nighttime and standard) joined Season 4 map World’s Edge as part of a map rotation system that finally allowed players to experience all three at once. Despite offering more variety than ever before, however, a sizable portion of the game’s community have since voiced their concerns over flaws in the feature.

Owing to the fact that players are given the freedom to choose which map they’re playing on at any given time, logistical issues relating to match waiting times have soared. While the developer would have likely held back on addressing the problem until a later date under normal circumstances, many have found themselves unable to complete limited-time challenges associated with the aforementioned Old Ways event, which is only available in the sunlit version of Kings Canyon.

In response, Respawn has removed the map’s nighttime version effective immediately, leaving just two maps in the rotation. Explaining its decision over on Twitter, the studio said:

Last week, we added in map rotation. After taking in all your feedback over the past 7 days, we’ve decided to make some changes to map rotation. Effective immediately, we’ll be removing Nighttime Kings Canyon, and shortening how long regular Kings Canyon is available.

We’re hoping this will allow players the chance to keep grinding that Season 4 Battle Pass or try their skills at the new Bloodhound Town Takeover. And as a reminder, Kings Canyon is still available in Ranked if you’re wanting to jump in immediately.

Scores of fans dissatisfied with the map’s removal have since criticized the developer for catering only to the vocal minority, prompting design director Jason McCord to respond with the reassurance that internal statistics are what primarily led to the decision, not feedback.

The dilemma may be resolved for now, then, though it certainly raises questions of how Respawn intends to handle such things going forward. The addition of new maps for Apex Legends in future seasons is assuredly inevitable, though how they’re implemented, we’ll just have to wait and see.