New Apex Legends Exploit Gives You Exclusive Origin Access Loot For Free


Respawn Entertainment and EA are once again being forced to address an exploit with Apex Legends, this time in the form of a loophole discovered with the latter’s Origin Access service.

Mimicking the debacle that took place with last month’s Twitch Prime promotion, fans have discovered the means to unlock exclusive loot tied to EA’s premium Origin subscription, bypassing the usual $4.99 USD monthly fee. Goodies included with Apex Legends‘ Origins Access Pack are a special Banner Badge, the Flatline Epic Weapon Skin and 1,000 Apex Coins, so it’s certainly not a bonus EA intends for users to get for free, especially if the rumoured price of the game’s premium Battle Pass is accurate.

As of writing, EA and Respawn have yet to acknowledge the loophole and, in absence of any confirmation, we can only assume the exploit is still present. With that said, reports indicating that bans are being dished out have begun trickling in on social media, so if you’re tempted to game the system, there’s every chance you’ll end up with nothing but a locked account to show for it. Given that it’s EA’s client responsible for this latest whoopsie, it’ll be their onus to come up with a fix, but until then, we’ll just have to wait and see if the reports of bans are accurate and whether they’re intended to be permanent.

Regardless of who’s to blame, the timing couldn’t have been worse. Despite Respawn putting to bed rumors that the launch of Apex Legends‘ Battle Pass was imminent, the developer is known to be toiling away on ambitious post-launch plans for the battle royale title, including at least one new character.

Octane, as he’s presumed to be called, is widely expected to be first on the list of new arrivals and scheduled to hit the live game alongside the aforementioned battle pass, and you can see here for everything we know about the new Legend so far.

Source: Comic Book