Apex Legends Getting Fan-Favorite Titanfall Weapon With Season 5

Apex Legends Wattson

Data miners up to their usual tricks appear to have discovered ahead of time the weapon that’s being added to Apex Legends‘ sandbox alongside Season 5. While nothing is ever official until Respawn says so, the developer has added at least one new firearm to the battle royale with every previous seasonal update, and the timing of this particular finding is certainly no coincidence.

As expected, the gun being introduced as a means to shake up the metagame this time around once again hails from Titanfall and is a particular favourite among fans of the futuristic FPS. Prolific leaker Suum notes that files for several skin variants have recently been added to Apex, some of which you can check out via the clip below.

For those that never got around to experiencing Titanfall or its successor (the sequel is worth picking up for the terrific single-player campaign alone), what you’re looking at is the Volt, a rapid-fire submachine gun first seen in the latter that fires rounds of concentrated energy at blistering speed. Referred to as ‘blue tracers’ for their signature color, each bolt can reach distances further than one would usually expect of a relatively compact SMG and excels in medium to close-range skirmishes.

Interestingly, the Volt has hitscan – shots fired are immediately registered as damage on anyone hit rather than having travel time – in Titanfall 2 which, in a competitive environment like Apex, could be cause for concern. As has been the case previously, however, it’s likely that Respawn will have made a number of changes to the weapon for its upcoming appearance.

Expect to see the spray-and-prayers dream gun showcased in much greater detail later today when Respawn releases the first gameplay for Apex Legends Season 5 ahead of launch next week, May 12th.