Apex Legends Fans Think They’ve Spotted The First Teasers For New Legend Loba

Apex Legends Wattson

Humans aren’t the only living beings (no disrespect to you, Pathfinder/Revenant) currently milling about in World’s Edge, it would seem.

Apex Legends Season 4 finally kicked off last week, bringing with it bunch of new content, though one feature that’s remained somewhat the same is the battle royale’s map. Unlike Season 3, Respawn opted to keep the action in World’s Edge for the second season running, though not without first making some major landscape changes. Besides the addition of a colossal Planet Harvester at the map’s epicenter, several existing townships and hamlets have received their own makeovers, with Capitol City, in particular, having been split right down the middle as a result of Hammond Robotics’ new mining operation.

Now that players have had time to acclimatize themselves to World’s Edge’s new layout, however, some believe they’ve spotted what appears to be a pack of roaming wolves skittering about the concrete jungle. You can check out the supposed evidence for yourselves over on Reddit, provided by aptly-named user SheeplessWolf. Meanwhile, there’s also the Tweet down below, which provides further evidence.

Certainly looks animalistic in nature, then, but assuming what SheeplessWolf spotted truly was a canine, how exactly does the sighting fit in as a teaser for Apex‘s next Legend? The answer to that one is easy: Loba.

The long-rumored character is largely believed to have received her debut in Season 4’s Revenant reveal trailer as the young girl mourning her father’s death by his robotic hand. Loba is the Portuguese term for a female wolf – the same nationality as that of the poor girl and her now-deceased family. And as if that wasn’t already enough of a hint as to the orphan’s identity, her father’s last act before succumbing to his wounds is to hand his daughter a silver wolf head.

There is, of course, every chance that what SheeplessWolf spotted was, in fact, not a wolf at all, but simply another Apex Legends player obscured by distance. What do you think, though? Dog or human? Let us know in the comments section down below.