Apex Legends Might Finally Be Getting A Deathcam


Aside from its fresh take on the ever-popular battle royale genre, Apex Legends has made a name for itself in another noteworthy way this year – leaked info.

While plenty of gamers have been coming back to Kings Canyon for some breakneck gunplay, there’s also a dedicated group of PC players who take it upon themselves to comb through the game’s codebase in an effort to uncover hidden information with regards to upcoming weapons, modes and characters. Heck, in the last couple of weeks alone, some crafty fans have found references to a new game mode as well as tweaks being made to body armor.

Now, it looks like a peculiar glitch has hinted at the existence of a long-awaited feature. As reported by Dot Esports, one Apex Legends player ran into an odd error while trying out the Winter Express Christmas event that went live a couple of weeks ago. Reddit user TyrantTr1z shared a screenshot from a match, which seemed to have timed out, as evidenced by the message “Connection Error 237” blazoned on their screen.

However, what’s more peculiar is the “Skip Replay” option that also appeared, along with a prompt to press the spacebar. Its appearance has led many to believe that a deathcam is being worked on, which would allow players to see a replay of how they were killed.

This particular feature was made popular by other first-person shooters (most notably, Call of Duty), but it’s been absent from Apex LegendsSeeing as how it’s included in Titanfall 2 though, there’s always the chance that the devs are working on it as we speak. As Dot Esports notes, Respawn has yet to confirm whether or not a deathcam is coming down the pipeline, but we’ll be sure to update you if an official announcement is made.