New Apex Legends Game Mode Has Automatic Respawns, But There’s A Catch


Respawn’s most ambitious event to date for Apex Legends, Grand Soirée, continues to unfold today with a new game mode.

The second of seven limited-time playlists due to arrive throughout the two-week period, Live.Die.Live follows Gold Rush Duos earlier this week, bringing with it yet another bonkers upset of the standard rules. As the name implies, players of this particular party mode who succumb to the business end of an enemy’s rifle barrel need not worry themselves about getting a still-living teammate to manually revive them.

Instead, whenever the ring surrounding World’s Edge moves in and shrinks the available play space, you’ll be automatically revived for a chance to eliminate your killer. Do note, however, that there’s a catch to this seemingly overpowered new lease on life. To ensure you’re revived at each ring closure, at least one member of your squad must still be alive in each instance. Should your whole team be wiped out at any stage, it’s lights out.

Like other modes featured in Grand Soirée’s jam-packed schedule, Live.Die.Live will only stick around for 48 hours, whereupon it’ll be swapped out for a replacement.

Due to kick off tomorrow, January 28th is Third-Person Mode which, unlike its predecessor, needs little explanation. Following a number of leaks, Apex Legends players will finally have the chance to experience Respawn’s shooter from an all-new perspective, and it’ll be interesting to see how fans ultimately receive the out-of-body experience, so to speak. There’s always a chance, after all, of the studio making the alternative way to play a permanent addition if it proves popular enough.

As for the remaining four modes to follow in week two, you can check out the gallery above for some hints as to what they’ll entail, though some fans believe they’ve already sussed out the specifics for the last on that list. See here for the full story.