Apex Legends’s New Event Might Be Adding AI-Controlled Enemies


Following the conclusion of Apex Legends‘ Christmas-themed Holo-Day Bash event, players are currently enjoying a brief period of downtime between updates.

Respawn, however, has decided not to let the rest and recuperation last too long as come tomorrow, a brand new event is scheduled to kick off. The Grand Soirée, as it’s so-called, goes live on January 14th, bringing with it not one, two or even three new limited-time modes, but seven. Rather than divide the player base several times over – and make queuing for any given playlist a total nightmare – the developer has made the wise decision to have each new addition run sequentially for a period of 48 hours, after which the Soirée will come to a close.

In regards to rules and objectives for each, Respawn is keeping such specifics under wraps for now, though you can at least learn their names via the image below.

Most of these, such as third-person and Kings Canyon After Dark, are self-explanatory, though the topic of today’s focus is the last in line to arrive. ‘DUMMIEs Big Day’ is arguably the most mysterious item on the agenda, and many believe it’ll involve the first appearance of AI-controlled enemies. Thanks to last week’s trailer, we know the mode will involve players fighting against colorful (and eerily featureless) mannequins, which not only have access to abilities not available to other heroes but exclusively use melee attacks.

There is, of course, every chance that Respawn will simply have participating players randomly assigned to play as a DUMMIE, but it certainly seems as if World’s Edge could finally be on the cusp of receiving its first dedicated PvE playlist.

Tell us, though, have you been hoping against hope for such an opportunity, or would you rather Apex Legends sticks rigidly to competitive player versus player? Sound off in the usual place below!