Apex Legends Leak Reveals First Look At Five Brand New Characters


It seems the Apex Legends character roster is about to welcome some new additions.

Data uncovered by an (unofficial) Twitter account seemingly identifies five – count ’em, five – new Legends in the works for Respawn’s shooter, and they may well be with us by the time Season 1 goes live. The studio is yet to comment on such rumors and speculation though, so it’s best treating this alleged leak with heightened caution.

With that in mind, let’s get into the weeds and see what the Twitter account @ApexLeaksNews has to offer. You’ll notice Bangalore, Caustic, Bloodhound, and Mirage are all pictured down below, but the remaining Legends appear to be the fresh-faced newbies that will be rolled out alongside Season 1.

Via Twitter:

There are, of course, eight playable legends currently available in Respawn’s shooter, with Octane presumably being angled as the ninth. The images above were data-mined from “new texture files,” so while some players have questioned the legitimacy of this particular leak – essentially, some of the characters pictured have cropped up in previous info dumps – the @ApexLeaksNews Twitter account clarified that it received the images before the tweet was published, only to find the concepts tucked away in the aforementioned folder.

Either way, this is an exciting time for Apex Legends. The über-popular Titanfall spinoff has come a long way since it touched down in early February, considering it’s already amassed a userbase of 50 million strong. There’s still no timeline on the launch of Season 1, though we’ll keep you right up-to-date as Respawn begins to show its wares – including those new playable characters about to set foot in the battle royale arena.