Upcoming Apex Legends Patch Will Address The Frequent Crashes


Apex Legends might be off to a smashing start, accumulating more than 50 million players so far and taking the Twitch crown from Fortnite, but it’s not all smooth sailing for Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale title.

PC players are probably well aware of the issues having to do with crashes, which kick folks out of the game and back to the lobby. Though this happens on consoles as well, it’s far more prevalent on computers but thankfully, the developer is doing everything they can to address it.

During a recent community check-in, they announced that the next client patch on PC will fix some of the known crashes, and furthermore, when Season 1 arrives later this month, there will be improved reporting which will help even more with the issue.

“Next week AMD will be at the studio and just like we did with Nvidia visit, we’ll be working together to improve stability and performance on PC. In the next client patch on PC we will be addressing some of the known crashes, but there will still be work to do as we haven’t nailed down all crashes yet. In Season 1 we’ll be adding improved reporting that should help us in identifying and squashing more PC crash issues.”

Additionally, for Nvidia users who are having issues, Respawn also reminded folks that there’s an update out there which may help fix some of the problems.

“I’ve seen it shared here but in case anyone missed it, Nvidia has released a driver update for RTX users that have been experiencing the DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG crash specifically for GeForce RTX cards and we’re continuing to work with Nvidia to improve performance and stability.”

It’s unclear when the aforementioned patch will be going live, but again, Season 1 is expected to get underway at some point this month, so we imagine it won’t be too long now before Respawn starts pushing through additional updates for Apex Legends. And when they do, we can also expect new characters, new cosmetics and a perhaps even a new mode for the game. As always stay tuned for more.