Apex Legends Leak Hints At New Weapons And Ammo Type

Apex Legends

Major metagame changes could be on the way for Apex Legends.

Data miner KralRindo has unearthed a number of interesting tidbits in their latest deep dive into the battle royale’s game files, including assets implying a major addition of new armaments to World’s Edge. Following on from their discovery of eight potential new weapons – most of which were originally introduced in Titanfall – the leaker has now found what appears to be references to a new resource presumed to be coming soon.

As of now, there currently exist six different types of ammunition in Apex, all of which are specifically meant to be used with various existing archetypes. Respawn introduced a fifth – exclusive to sniper rifles – alongside Season 4 earlier this month in an attempt to better balance out the long-ranged weapon. KralRindo’s latest findings, however, suggest that a seventh is on the cards. Check out the leaked image below.

The icon on the far right is the odd one out here, of course, as the ammo type it signifies has yet to appear in-game. Responding to comments on Reddit, Kral says the image is intended for high-yield explosive weapons, hinting at the potential inclusion of rocket and grenade launchers.

Sounds like a surefire recipe for disaster in a first-person shooter that prides itself on skill-based gameplay, though assuming the leak is accurate, it doesn’t necessarily mean Respawn will be adding such ordnance to standard modes. It’s more likely, in fact, that the leak pertains to some sort of upcoming limited-time mode, and that’s even assuming this isn’t simply yet another case of unused content not being removed from the game files.

We’ll ultimately have to wait and see either way, though with System Override Collection now concluded, I imagine it won’t be long before Apex Legends players are inundated with new content. Watch this space for more.