Apex Legends Leak Reveals More Details About New Tropical Island Map

Apex Legends

Assuming Respawn Entertainment knowingly follows any sort of pattern when releasing major updates for Apex Legends, fans will almost certainly be visiting a brand-new map when Season 11 launches later this year.

The unnamed successor to Emergence, when it arrives, will be the fourth season since the battle royale’s most recent arena addition, Olympus, was added. That very same break period was observed between the opening of World’s Edge and Season 7’s aforementioned utopia, naturally leading to the belief that its replacement, so to speak, is inbound sometime in November.

Only bolstering this train of thought further has been the discovery of numerous files by data miners which directly reference a so-called ‘Tropical Island’ zone yet to be seen in live versions of the game. Prolific leaker Shrugtal has been the primary source for most of this information thus far, and has, this week, published a new video going into further detail about what fans can expect when the map eventually releases.

In what’s looking likely to be an extension of Olympus’ introduction of the Trident, Shrugtal believes the tropical map is being built from the ground up with vehicles in mind, suggesting that it could be the largest battleground to date. In addition to this, several files allude to the implementation of permanent wildlife, though it remains unclear whether these creatures will simply serve as screen decoration or have a gameplay purpose.

It goes without saying, of course, that Respawn has yet (and almost certainly won’t) to comment on any of the above findings, though you can expect Shrugtal and others to continue digging up more about Apex Legends‘ next new map over the coming months, so stay tuned.