New Apex Legends Leaks Reveal Potential Heirloom Item For Pathfinder

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players who consider Pathfinder their main character of choice in the battle royale have cause for excitement if a new leak is to be believed.

Yesterday, developer Respawn rolled out its latest update for the competitive shooter. Other than a number of balance adjustments and tweaks, patch 3.1 introduced the long-awaited Duos Mode and Firing Range training grounds for players to enjoy at their leisure, but that’s not all. As is usually the case whenever developers push content out, a number of files pertaining to potential future events and/or other content are tucked away inside, away from prying eyes.

That’s the plan, at least. Dataminers don’t like secrets, it seems, and want nothing more than to share their discoveries with the wider player base. We’ve already caught glimpses of what appears to be a new playable Hero thanks to reputable leaker That1MiningGuy’s efforts, but now another, Shrugtal, has scored their own find.

Check it out below.

Sporting the same smiley face and color palette that the affable Pathfinder is so well known for has lead many fans to the conclusion that the boxing gloves are intended to be Apex‘s next obtainable Heirloom item.

For the unaware, that name is given to special cosmetic skins that are only equipable by a single Hero and change the appearance of their usual melee weapon. Currently, only three exist in-game – one each for Wraith, Bloodhound and Lifeline – with a fourth generally expected to debut alongside Apex Legends‘ next themed event.

As to when that’ll be, Respawn has yet to say, though with the festive season fast approaching, celebrations will almost certainly be in order. If so, fans can likely expect the arrival of a Christmas-themed affair sometime in December with a very special gift for Pathfinder. Stay tuned for any further announcements.