Apex Legends’ New Map Has Hidden Loot Caches


It’s too early to call just yet, but Apex Legends Season 3 certainly appears to have been a hit with fans of the battle royale. Upping the ante yet again over previous seasons, developer Respawn has delivered its largest content update to date with Meltdown, which not only introduces the now-expected new hero and weapon but a sprawling map for players to explore at their leisure. Well sort of, anyway – there’s always the threat of enemies and the forcefield to contend with on repeated trips to World’s Edge.

The map itself is a drastic departure from its predecessor, though, trading the ramshackle outposts and dusty boneyards littering Kings Canyon for industrial complexes, intimidating mountain ranges and a chillier climate. However, one feature common to both landscapes is all manner of tricks and secrets that have been left for players to discover, one of which you might have already passed right by without even realizing. If you missed it, you can check it out over on Reddit via the link below.

Clearly eager to board the cargo train pulling into the station with his teammates, User Zachs_Drunk performs a double-take on the station’s platform as they discover a special trigger. Whenever the futuristic locomotive comes to a halt, previously hidden loot caches rise out of the concrete floor to provide some much-needed supplies. As of writing, it appears that these particular crates don’t contain any unique items, though players responding to Zachs’ find say they’ve generally found useful items within.

Taking into account the way in which Apex Legends distributes its various tiers of gear – certain zones have higher chances of yielding the best stuff – it could be the case that these particular chests have an increased probability to yield the best weapons that World’s Edge has to offer.

Regardless, if you ever find yourself waiting for a train ride in Apex Legends, be sure to take a look around before boarding for your next destination.

Source: Reddit