Apex Legends Now Has An Official Merch Store

Apex Legends

If your household consists of several diehard Apex Legends fans, Christmas shopping for the loved ones this year will be a cinch.

The battle royale, which now stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Fortnite as a market leader, has rocketed to success since launch back in February and shows no signs of slowing down. Players in their millions have spent countless hours air-dropping into Kings Canyon – now World’s Edge as of Season 3, mind you – scavenging loot and scoring first place victories with their favourite heroes and now, Respawn is eager to have you take that fandom to the next level.

Last week, the developer cut the ribbon on a brand new online store dedicated to Apex fanatics. Clothing, drinkware, furniture and more are up for grabs while stocks last. Check out the gallery below for a sample of what’s available in-store.

As per last week’s official opening announcement, Respawn promises that new inventory will be added over time, so if you’re not in the market for a mug or blanket stamped with Apex Legends‘ logo, it’s worth checking back periodically for new items.

For those intending to buy by bulk, free shipping is available on orders over $75 and, for folks that live outside the US, fear not – global shipping appears to be an available option. For UK residents (and presumably the rest of mainland Europe), at least, customs fees are waived for any purchases below a certain threshold.

As for Apex Legends itself, Season 3: Meltdown is now well past its midway point. Respawn has yet to confirm when exactly its successor will arrive, but our best guess, based on precedent, at least, would peg a Season 4 launch for early in the New Year. Stay tuned for further developments.