Apex Legends Hits 70 Million Players As EA Promises Even Bigger Year Ahead

Apex Legends

Apex Legends has well over 70 million registered accounts, developer Respawn Entertainment has recently confirmed.

Now, that figure might sound like a drop in the ocean compared to Epic Games’ market-leading Fortnite, but Apex is only a fraction of the latter’s age, making this particular achievement all the more incredible. In fact, EA’s newest hot property has yet to celebrate its first birthday, so assuming the upward tick in player numbers continues on the same trajectory it has been, there’s every chance that the figure will reach triple-digit territory before February 2020.

Anything can happen between now and then, of course, but World’s Edge regulars certainly need not worry about their favourite title going the way of the dodo anytime soon. If anything, the next 12 months are looking incredibly bright indeed for the battle royale.

As first outlined in EA’s latest earnings call, the publisher plans to put into motion a new initiative in its next fiscal year that will see Apex Legends not only grow even further but become the company’s flagship shooter. Expansions into the lucrative Chinese market and eSports are on the docket, too, as is a new platform release. Three massive goals in their own right, no doubt, but fans can also expect a wealth of new gameplay features, including modes and characters, to arrive alongside everything else already mentioned.

That begins in the near future with the first trial run of a duos mode, which will likely be followed by (or included with) an end-of-year Christmas event, seamlessly leading players into a probable Season 4 launch in January.

Potentially game-changing changes on the way, then, but we’ll circle back to the present day to remind you that tomorrow, November 5th, marks the end date for Apex LegendsFight or Fright Halloween event. If you’ve still got some challenges to complete, there’s no time to waste!